Who we are?

Hand-in-Hand is a program initiated by (إيدينا مع بعض للتأهيل); a non-profit organization located in Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt is a developing country with a relatively high number of amputees. Due to the high cost of available prosthesis and the prevalence of low income and indigent communities in the country, many people are unable to afford any prosthetic device, which lowers their quality of life. 

 Our aim is to enhance the lives of the Egyptian amputee population through providing them with 3D printed prosthetic devices for free. 


Our Story


The story began when Eng. Mohamed Hatab was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 9 years. During his treatment, he developed a sense of helping others, however due to his young age he was unable to pursue this until he graduated with a degree in Engineering. During his studies in the UK, he came across the process of manufacturing artificial limbs through his colleague studying Biomedical Engineering. This sparked his sense of aid once again, and consequently he decided to integrate his field of study with Biomedical engineering to manufacture prosthetic devices in Egypt. As such, he succeeded in developing upper and lower limb prosthesis using 3D printing technology and decided to donate these devices for free to people in need.

Prosthetic Devices

And Prices

  • 18,000 EGP

    Below Knee

    As of 2022, we have started delivering below knee prosthetic devices. These devices are custom made to each patient with the use of high tech manufacturing processes and materials. Our devices have also been tested by Mobilab & Care, Thomas More in Belgium to allow us to deliver absolute safety and comfort for our users.

  • 12,000 EGP

    Below Elbow

    We also develop below elbow prosthetic devices that cater for hand amputees. By bending their elbow, the device closes to allow the user to hold an object.​

  • 9.600 EGP


    We currently develop below wrist prosthetic devices to cater for finger amputees. By pushing against the device with their wrist, the device closes to allow the user to hold objects.

  • 24,000 EGP

    Above Knee

    As of 2024, we have started delivering above knee prosthetic devices. These devices are custom made to each patient with the use of high tech manufacturing processes and materials. These devices are considered essential as they offer all that is required to restore mobility to the user.

Facts & Figures

The registered causes of amputation in Egypt are accidents and diseases, such as diabetes, bone cancer and genetic diseases.We approximate that the number of amputations in Egypt exceeds one million cases, and the percentage of cases is divided into the following:

  • 75% Due to accidents

    which are mainly due to negligence in safety procedures

  • 20% Children

    from 5 to 18 years​​

  • 50% 18 to 40 years old

    from the working group

Journey of the Amputees


  • Access the Foundation

    Accessing one of the foundation's social media pages (Facebook / Instagram) or calling the official number: 17045

  • Send Picture & Video

    Sending a picture and video of the amputation to ensure that the device can be manufactured (it is required that the arm should be amputated below the elbow and the leg should be amputated below the knee)

  • Appointment

    After receiving confirmation from the foundation, an appointment is set for the patient to visit the foundation at its head office

  • Social Research

    During the appointment, personal data and any required documents are taken and a social research is conducted

  • Physical & Psychological Assessments

    Physical and psychological assessments of the patient are carried out & measurements are taken to manufacture the device

  • Receive The Prosthetic Device

    After a week, the amputee returns to the foundation once again to receive the prosthetic device, if no modifications are required

  • Follow-ups

    Monthly and annual follow-ups are determined and maintenance appointments are set to ensure the efficiency and good use of the device

Success Stories

A 20 year old who as a kid lost both her hearing and speech due to illness and later joined the hearing and speech institute. Shams was involved in a train accident that resulted in the loss of both her lower limbs below the knee. She came to us on and we managed to fit her with two lower limbs prosthetic devices and now, SHE CAN WALK!

— Shams Ahmad Sobhy

Success Stories

45 year old who used to work as an electrician with an outstanding artistic talent. Unfortunately, he lost both his upper limbs due to an electricity associated accident. He came to Hand in Hand and we managed to fit him with two prosthetic devices that instantly enabled him to live a better life.

— Yasser Gomaa Adam

Methods of Donations


  • Home Collection for large amounts


  • Mega Kheir Message

    Send the word "طرف"to 9797

  • Donate in all Egyptian Banks using our name

    "Hand in Hand" "ايدينا مع بعض للتأهيل"

  • Vodafone Cash Code


  • Fawry Code


Success Partners