Who are we?

Hand-in-Hand is a program initiated by (إيدينا مع بعض للتأهيل); a non-profit organization located in Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt is a developing country with a relatively high number of amputees. Due to the high cost of available prosthesis and the prevalence of low income and indigent communities in the country, many people are unable to afford any prosthetic device, which lowers their quality of life. 

Our aim is to enhance the lives of the Egyptian amputee population through providing them with 3D printed prosthetic devices for free. 


Our Story


The story began when Eng. Mohamed Hatab was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 9 years. During his treatment, he developed a sense of helping others, however due to his young age he was unable to pursue this until he graduated with a degree in Engineering. During his studies in the UK, he came across the process of manufacturing artificial limbs through his colleague studying Biomedical Engineering. This sparked his sense of aid once again, and consequently he decided to integrate his field of study with Biomedical engineering to manufacture prosthetic devices in Egypt. As such, he succeeded in developing upper and lower limb prosthesis using 3D printing technology and decided to donate these devices for free to people in need.

  • Vision

    For all amputees, regardless of race, origin or religion to find the appropriate psychological, physical and social support required by them at no cost.

  • Mission

    To provide assistance to amputees and attempt to integrate them into society by providing psychological rehabilitation along with custom-made prosthetic devices and lifelong maintenance.