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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hand in Hand Foundation?

Hand in Hand was established in 2020 with the aim of enabling the amputee population in Egypt,  where we utilise the latest NGO development methodologies in order to aid amputees (psychologically, and by providing prosthesis) free of charge.

What are the services offered by Hand in Hand?

We provide psychological rehabilitation, high tech
custom-made prosthetic devices, and lifelong maintenance & support.

What are the conditions
for obtaining a prosthetic device?

Six months have passed since the amputation, in order to ensure that the wound has fully healed.

For children, the child must be at least 5 years old in order to grasp the mechanics of the device. 

To be psychologically qualified, which is done through the Department of the Psychology at the foundation.

What are the types of prosthetics proveded?

Fully functional mechanical prosthetic devices are available for below wrist, below elbow, and below knee amputees.

Is the institution subject to the Ministry of Solidarity?

Yes, it is subject to the Ministry of Solidarity and is registered under No. 6859 of 2020 and operates according to the provisions of Law No. 149 of the year.

Who is Eligible for the Prosthetic Limb?

Anyone who has lost a limb, regardless of the reason, whether through illness, accident, or congenital (by birth).

Prosthetics Prices?

Below the wrist:
8,000 EGP

Below the elbow:
10,000 EGP

Below the knee:
15,000 EGP


Is it possible to discount the donation from the value of Zakat?

According to Dar Al-Ifta, it is permissible to donate as zakat and charity.

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